Top 6 Apps for Emotional Wellbeing

For therapeutic aid right in the palm of your hand, check out the following apps:


Ideal for: Insomnia

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In addition to its impressive host of guided meditations and breathing techniques, Calm offers ‘Sleep Stories,’ a feature that reads to you at bedtime.


Ideal for: Wellbeing

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Popular TED Talk presenter and mindfulness extraordinaire, Andy Puddicombe , co-founded the highly acclaimed app Headspace, to help bring meditation to the masses. Subscribers are guided through a robust library of inspiring meditations, supplemented with amusing animation and niched content.        


Ideal for: Mood

App Store

Journal app Cove offers a unique approach to understanding and communicating one’s emotional state. Rather than write journal entries down, users design a visual interpretation of their mood by orchestrating tonal symbols. The result is a powerful account of one’s personal journey, told in the form of an emotional symphony.


Ideal for: Cravings

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Yep, that Tetris. Research has shown that playing a few rounds of Tetris can reduce the severity of cravings. The iconic game that pits players against a board of geometric doom, also overrides feelings of craving. How, you say? By activating the same neural pathways responsible for image recall and memory, the same route used by craving sensations. 


Ideal for: Depression & Anxiety

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A journal app that packs a great deal of psycho-education into its regimen. The app features tests at the end of each lesson for users to measure cognitive-behavioral progress.


Ideal for: Emotion

App Store

Mood trackers are insightful tools especially when used in conjunction with a therapist. Stigma is an effective tool for people to gain a clearer understanding on what factors influence their emotional well-being. In as early as a few weeks, users may begin to recognize patterns in their lives that have not been as obvious to them before.

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