Reaching Recovery Goals With The Help Of Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy | Gaining Acceptance in the Battle Against Drug Addiction & Relapse

For many individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, holistic therapy is providing valuable avenues to recovery by improving the health of mind, body and spirit. Research conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse and others indicates that holistic therapy treatment programs can help patients:

  • Identify the triggers for their abuse problems
  • Better understand the events and circumstances that led to drug use
  • Cope with situations through visualization, meditation and other techniques
  • Find appropriate alternatives to substance abuse
  • Develop a long-range recovery plan

Increasingly, progressive addiction treatment facilities are integrating a range of holistic therapy services among their rehab and recovery services. Conscious Recovery, for example, combines Yoga-assisted psychotherapy and innovative Mindfulness group therapy with its more traditional treatment approaches. Sharing many of the same goals as 12-step plans, our Yoga program teaches the use of exercise and controlled breathing as a means to increase control of potentially damaging thoughts and emotions. It also focuses on achieving a balanced sense of inner and outer peace and making a spiritual connection. The Mindfulness Group is also a mind-body practice, which stems from ancient Zen-Buddhist meditation techniques. Facilitated by certified specialists at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, classes are designed to help develop the capacity to clearly recognize the hidden areas of resistance that emerge. In time, participants are able to draw upon already existing inner resources and channel and direct them to address their damaging substance abuse and behaviors. It’s important to note that Mindfulness instruction is offered in an entirely secular context, without any prescription for religious belief. Other holistic therapy services that are gaining acceptance in the battle against drug addiction and relapse include acupuncture, exercise routines, tai chi, nutritional and massage therapy.

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