Did you know?

CLARE treats more than 3,000 addicts each year, and we understand that the most effective, cost-efficient intervention is one that takes place before someone develops an addiction.

Clarity for Youth provides at-risk young people with a safe forum in which to discuss the realities of substance abuse and develop essential life skills to help them cope with the stress of adolescent life.

Clarity for Youth is integrated into classrooms and after-school programs offering students a message of positive prevention through interactive hour-long classroom sessions.

The program includes:

  • Group discussions and activities using Gilbert J. Botvin’s evidence-based “Life Skills Training” curriculum
  • LEAD (Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development) Club
  • “Reality Parties” designed to help parents understand current teen party culture and bring the community together to combat the dangers our youth face because of it
  • Workshops for parents, youth and school staff on topics such as coping with stress, communicating effectively with teens, and the signs and symptoms of drug use
  • Individual and family counseling and therapy in the cities of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills

These services build essential skills to help students make healthier choices about drugs and alcohol, build healthy coping skills, and increase academic engagement and achievement.

CLARE uses three main prevention strategies:

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