HSS Project Director

Primary Duties, include but are not limited to:

  • Report directly to the Chief Clinical Officer.
  • Supervise and manage project-related administrative, research and clinical staff.
  • Attend Spoke meetings, internal HSS meetings, Learning Collaboratives and Steering Committee Meetings.
  • Present project information at meetings, conferences and outreach efforts.
  • Maintain close communication with Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) leadership to coordinate clinical, research and administrative responsibilities.
  • Communicate regularly with all staff and oversee and be responsible for the following areas:
    • Contract obligations.
    • Hiring and evaluating employees.
    • Adherence to budgets.
    • Reporting and procedural requirements.
    • Contractual requirements.
  • Supervise data collection and clinical service delivery of Hub and Spoke System project.
  • Manage the submission of all project-specified data including invoices, data forms, and other items as requested by DHCS and/or UCLA.
  • Must be available to travel several times each year to grantee meetings and professional conferences.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Have a minimum of a master’s degree (M.A. or M.S.) in a behavioral health-related field, preferably licensed or doctorate level; or a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner.
  • Have public speaking skills, the ability to conduct presentations and facilitate large meetings with various audiences.
  • Have experience working within the substance use disorder treatment field, preferably experience with opioid use disorder specifically.
  • Be knowledgeable in medication-assisted treatment and have the ability to articulate its benefits to a large spectrum of audiences.
  • Ability to write reports and articles for publication
  • Be willing to be trained in the Matrix Model of outpatient treatment.

To apply, email hr@clarefoundation.org with “HSS Project Director” in the subject line.