CLARE Foundation Curbs War on Drugs in the Philippines: CLARE Foundation Supports JICA in Developing A Drug Treatment Program in the Philippines

Following the Japan-Philippines Summit, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have been commissioned to consult on a planned project to build a drug dependence treatment facility in the Philippines. CLARE Foundation was selected to provide an introduction and overview of how American residential programs are structured, including the organization’s model of treatment. CLARE Foundation, with the Matrix Institute on Addictions, presented JICA with a comprehensive framework for a Substance Use Disorder strategy for developing countries.

Protesters demonstrate against Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug policy outside the Philippines Consulate General in New York City, October 2016. Courtesy of VOCAL-NY.

“The site visit to CLARE Foundation was informative with practical ideas and was a good learning opportunity for us. We are impressed by what CLARE is doing and encouraged to move forward on what we are going to do in the Philippines,” said Akiko Ito, Deputy Director of Health Team 3 Health Group 2, Human Development Department at JICA.

“The stigma in developing Asian countries around behavioral health and substance use disorder has been traditionally met with punitive measures or social ostracism, leading to overpopulated prisons and increase in drug-related crimes,” said Dr. Lisa Steele, CEO of CLARE Foundation. “It’s very promising to see the growing interest around addiction treatment services in countries like the Philippines and  CLARE is thrilled to be called on by JICA to participate in this educational initiative.”

The Japan International Cooperation Agency aims to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation as well as the sound development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the socioeconomic development, recovery or economic stability of developing regions.

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