Amid Mounting Legal Implications Surrounding Community Recovery LA, CLARE Foundation Offers Scholarships to Former Clients


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Amid Mounting Legal Implications Surrounding Community Recovery LA,
CLARE Foundation Offers Scholarships to Former Clients

Dorothy Richards Fund for Women’s Recovery Scholarship Donated
to Former Patient of CRLA

Amidst allegations surrounding the CEO of CRLA, clients struggling with addiction had no choice but to abruptly stop treatment and leave the facility – placing their recovery in jeopardy. Drug and alcohol treatment is a last resort for those seeking help, so the needs of the former clients had to be addressed quickly to prevent relapse. CLARE Foundation reached out to the victims to offer a safe facility to continue treatment. CLARE provided scholarships through the Dorothy Richards Fund for Women’s Recovery (DRFWR) to ensure the women could receive the help they need at the Women’s Residential Treatment Program.

“Clients put their lives in the hands of treatment professionals when they make the decision to get sober,” said Dr. Lisa Steele, CEO of CLARE Foundation. “They are afraid, vulnerable, and in some cases, trusting people for the first time in their lives. Having to leave treatment abruptly, due to unethical conduct of those in charge, can cause long lasting trust issues – a vital component of any successful recovery journey.”

“It’s horrific what these women had to endure at this treatment facility,” said Alan Schimmel of Schimmel & Parks, Sherman Oaks, Attorney for plaintiffs in CRLA lawsuit. “They were so mistreated and preyed upon by the very people who they looked up to, and were supposed to trust. The treatment industry should have the best interest of the clients at heart, but the very opposite happened in this case. It’s remarkable that CLARE is willing to take these abused women and help them restart their path to recovery.”

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Dorothy Richards Fund for Women’s Recovery (DRFWR) is a scholarship fund to help women suffering from substance abuse seek the help they need at CLARE Foundation’s Women’s Residential Program. To find out more information on DRFWR, please visit