What is Treatment First?

Our Programs

  • Outpatient - CLARE offers outpatient treatment programs that help clients explore issues related to substance abuse while continuing to live in the community. More Info
  • Residential - CLARE offers on-site residential programs that range from 30 to 90 days and are gender responsive. More Info
  • Detoxification - CLARE’s multidisciplinary team comprising of medical professionals including Addictionologists, Psychiatrists, and nursing staff to supervise the detoxification process and administer clinical support as needed. More Info
  • Alumni - As part of CLARE’s Continuum of Care, the Alumni Program offers a variety of social activities and events to keep alumni connected in the recovery network.More Info
  • Prevention - CLARE provides prevention and education services to young people at risk of developing addictions. More Info
  • Behavioral Health - The Skirball Behavioral Health Center is managed by a team of licensed/license-eligible therapists that provide day and evening sessions to clients and the community. More Info
  • Sober Living - Sober Living provides a safe, sober environment in which clients prepare to make a confident transition back into the community. More Info



CLARE is a trusted treatment organization for almost 50 years. We believe when you put treatment first, treatment lasts. CLARE Foundation provides ethical, evidence based treatment, that is tailored to an individual’s needs.

Addiction is very costly. It costs jobs, relationships, housing, opportunities, self-esteem, and significant health issues including death. Treatment doesn’t have to be costly, forcing you to give up even more. CLARE provides tested treatment models and an affordable rate, because we know addiction has already cost too much.

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