Successful Rehabilitation Stories


Read first-person accounts from our graduates about their experiences at CLARE and hear what they have said about the impact that CLARE’s compassionate programs have had on their lives

At seventeen, I was a newly minted freshman at Stanford University. I grew up in a middle class home with loving parents and a great group of friends who were also embarking on paths that our mentors told us made us destined for greatness. But even before I picked up my first drink almost a year later, I always had a sense that I was different. Read more


When I was asked how I would start to tell my story, I said, “You mean…how the miracle began?” My demons were alcohol, methamphetamine, speed, crank, crystal. I was court ordered to a six-month treatment program. Stipulation was I had to pay for it and complete six months without getting kicked out. “And if you don’t complete,“ the judge said, “I’m going to give you… Read more


I’m a mature adult now. I started using when I was 12, and I started trying to get sober 20 years ago. Nothing ever worked. I was raised in a dysfunctional family with a lot of alcohol. My mom and I used to drink together. As it continued though, she saw I was destroying my life —I had two small kids and alcoholism. She saw that and said enough is enough. Read more


The most special thing about this moment is that I can think back to all those times I cried and didn’t even know if I’d live through the night. But I did live, and that blows my mind. It’s great that I have a story, and it’s great that story is not my truth today. I started using drugs at 13, and was in and out of mental institutions for attempting suicide. My mother was an addict. Read more


“I’m still close with some of the women I met while I was at CLARE. There are 3 of us. We all stayed clean and are still close. It’s been 4 years now. We’re a support group for one another. My son’s in graduate school now, and to this day, we go out to lunch, we go to meetings or just hang out.”

“Now I give and receive real love, and I am of service to others the way that I was shown I could be. CLARE was my foundation, and it continues to be the foundation for so many others like me. We have something to offer. We just couldn’t do it alone.”

“It seems like a dream sometimes, but as I write this I know I’m awake, alive, and free.”

“The staff and counselors at CLARE invite in the problems, and give us solutions. Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed my experience for anything.”

“I had never been to rehab before, but I went with it. From Day One at CLARE, I knew I made the right choice to listen and take direction from them.”

“Hard work and ambition are what it takes to make the program work for you. Sobriety is so much more than willpower.”

“CLARE worked for me because I was willing to make it work.”

“At seventeen, I was a newly minted freshman at UC Berkeley destined for greatness. But my first drink brought me to my knees 8 years later. At CLARE I was given an education about my disease that was more valuable than any Ivy League institution could have provided.”

“The challenges of living with so many women from such a variety of backgrounds at CLARE offered me an opportunity. Real life was in session, and we were given tools we needed to process and grow from those situations.”

“The women I met at CLARE changed everything for me. They changed how I saw my disease, how I saw others, how I saw myself.”

“I like the structure. They told us, ‘You are going to make mistakes; it’s how you pick yourself up and try again. Progress, not perfection, is what it says in the Big Book.”

“CLARE afforded me the opportunity to stay on for an extra 6 months as resident staff. I knew I owed my life to someone being there for me; it was such an honor to be given the chance to be there for others. Being of service to women who were also left broken and devastated by this disease was an opportunity for me to give back.”