Reality Party – Wakeup Call for Parents

by CLARE Foundation in News

Reality Party
If you want to see what actually goes on at house parties your teenagers are attending, a Reality Party demonstrates just that. Drama students from local schools stage a typical scenario, parents observe, then participate in a 30-minute debrief with expert panelists to answer questions and discuss ideas for change.  “Flabbergasted!” was the reaction of one father in attendance, who said his experience would definitely would make him move vigilant.  Suitable for adults and parents of students grades 6–12.

Straight Up Youth, CLARE and the Institute for Public Strategy collaborate to present reality parties so parents can face current realities, and learn how they can help change the dangerous social norms in Los Angeles County. Unfortunately, some adults feel drinking and drug use is a rite of passage and think teen parties are still the same as when they were young.

CLARE knows prevention is vital at an early age. When students are in trouble because of alcohol or drugs on campus, we provide free individual and family counselling services. Our prevention staff provides 24 hours of mandatory counselling, including 12 hours mandated counselling for parents, and are the major resource for our school districts.

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