Community Partners create a sense of family for clients and a bridge to after care support.


CLARE opens its doors to outpatient clients to enhance connection to a broader community of friends of family.


Be part of the CLARE community and support our cause by participating in a number of events that are held throughout the year.


CLARE Foundation offers non paid internship and
traineeship for students pursuing MFT, MSW, PsyD, and CAADAC licensing.


Available for Residential clients are:

In-House Panels: Speakers from 12 Step Panels bring hope every day to the clients at CLARE. Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous bring inspirational speakers who share their stories about how they achieved and maintained sobriety. Clients often get sponsors from these visits as well – connections that can last a lifetime.

Back On My Feet: Fresh air walks downtown or to the beach train clients in achieving goals, as well as improving their physical health and stamina. Once they’re in shape, they’re running marathons in the community.
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Meditation: Calming restorative practice is led once a week, by a longtime teacher for InsightLA. She is a Certified Addiction Counselor from UCLA, has a BA from Stanford University.
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Rock to Recovery: Harnessing the healing power of music through playing as a group, a musician comes once a week to CLARE with instruments and all the gear required. Clients perform as songwriters, singers and instrumentalists under his expert guidance. An original song is created by each group, produced, recorded and posted on Facebook.
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Equine Therapy: Clients in residential or outpatient treatment can enjoy activities with horses for physical and emotional growth.

Yoga: Clients are encouraged to practice yoga and improve their health and mind with this relaxing and restorative exercise. Regular sessions can help support clients in their recovery process.
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Employment Readiness: CLARE clients use the services of Chrysalis when they are ready to return to the job market. Chrysalis is a nonprofit, within walking distance from CLARE, where clients create an effective resume, and gain necessary skills to re-enter the job market. CLARE has many success stories of graduates finding full time employment with the assistance of Chrysalis.


Members of the clinical team moderate these groups.
It’s not treatment, attendance is voluntary and there are no fees for those in CLARE Treatment programs.

Groups include:

WAM “What About Me”: How does one competently support another and still feel free to follow one’s own dreams? “What about me,” is a common concern. WAM focuses on the everyday issues of recovering a sense of self that may have been lost while supporting the recovery of a loved one. Recurring topics are love, guilt, duty and freedom. Participation in the group is fueled by the desire to hold onto the cherished relationships with a loved one in recovery while also overcoming a forgotten sense of self.

Sponsor Support Group: Sponsors help those in recovery. But who is there to help the sponsor? The answer is – other sponsors! This group gathers to explore their roles. Topics include their growth, development and potential burn-out. There are no authorities here; discussions rely upon the strength, hope and experience of the sponsors to support one another.

Family sessions: Family therapists are relational therapists who typically concentrate on what goes on between people rather than what is going on with any specific individual. They examine how problems continue and how they are solved, rather than trying to identify a single cause or guilty party.

The CLARE Foundation offers family therapy to individual families so they can focus on their specific struggles. Families’ patterns and struggles are illuminated in a safe and respectful manner. Changes to those family patterns are suggested, tested and discussed over time.

Multi Family Group Therapy is also offered. As its name implies, the Multi Family groups are made up of members of several families. The group provides support as well as examples of how others have resolved issues. Group members often can see their own dynamics played out by others and find themselves in the position of being able to offer support. Family therapy is led by a staff member of the CLARE Foundation. Research has consistently shown the effectiveness of Family and Multi Family Therapy.


We want to meet you!

We want to meet you!

CLARE hosts a variety of events providing opportunities for supporters to join our cause and celebrate sobriety with the recovery community.

Upcoming events include:

September 14, 2016 – Groundbreaking Ceremony of 9th Street Residential Services

November 10, 2016 – Tribute Dinner

Help us make a difference.


CLARE Foundation offers non paid internship and traineeship for students pursuing their MFT, MSW, PsyD, and CAADAC licensing. CAADAC will get hands-on experience on the frontlines of substance use disorder treatment and are exposed to CLARE’s effective and compassionate continuum of care, which treats more than 3,000 adults and provides prevention services to 1,200 young people each year.

Interns/trainees will also get hands on experience in working with clients who have a history of substance dependence/ abuse; have trauma (sexual/physical abuse/neglect, exposure to domestic violence and/or other trauma), participated in gang activity, suffer depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, co-occurring mental health/substance disorders, ADHD/other disruptive behavior, Bipolar Disorders, mild to severe mental health conditions, homelessness, and family/relational issues.

Areas of training may include: Case Presentation & Case Conceptualization, Co-Occurring Disorders, Crisis Management, Diagnostic Criteria, Discharge/Aftercare, Outpatient Services, Residential Services, Substance Abuse and Treatment, Trauma/PTSD, Moderate to Severe Mental Health, Integration of clinical orientations such as reflecting psychodynamic, CBT, Structural, Bowen, Solution- Focused, and Narrative, humanistic and other theories. Support of practicum students (MFT- Trainee’s, MFT- Interns, MSW Trainee’s, ASW Interns, and PsyD students) is obtained from their peers and supervisors in developing a variety of clinical skills while strengthening a clinical perspective of their choosing. Students are constantly encouraged to develop other interventions that are of particular interest in order to address individual or group training needs. Practicum students are part of a collaboration system in which they will interact with students and staff of multiple disciplinary backgrounds.

For students still enrolled in school looking for practicum site we are currently affiliated with Argosy, Alliant, Pepperdine University, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Loyola Marymount University, USC, UCLA, CSUN, Capella University and Phillips Graduate Institute.

Interns and trainees receive supervision from licensed members of CLARE’s professional staff, and have the opportunity to absorb and practice CLARE’s unique blend of evidence-based treatment techniques. CLARE’s continuum of care includes intake and screening, nonmedical detoxification, residential and outpatient treatment, and behavioral health counseling.
This spectrum grants interns and trainees access to a myriad of modalities and techniques, giving them the tools they need to become well-rounded, informed professionals.


CLARE seeks bright and compassionate professionals to help us fulfill our mission of providing effective and compassionate treatment, recovery, and prevention services to individuals, families, and the community.
In return, we offer an engaging, mission-driven work environment with excellent benefits and compensation.
Please email for opportunities to join our team!