CLARE Foundation Opens New Sober Living Home in Mar Vista, California

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CLARE Foundation recently opened a new sober living facility in the city of Mar Vista, California. The new Men’s Sober Living offers low-cost housing with full amenities to help residents transition to independent living. CLARE has been integral to improving the lives of Southern California residents by providing affordable and effective drug and alcohol treatment for nearly 50 years, and is eager to continue its mission and stand as a valuable community resource.

About Sober Living

CLARE Foundation offer sober clients the next step to long-term recovery in a supportive, structured environment.

In our new sober living home, Mar Vista residents will learn how to transition back into society with confidence and trust in their individual processes. Residents will stay in apartment-style living with full accommodations including washer/dryer in unit, wireless internet, full cable and kitchen amenities.

The average Sober Living resident stays for one year and is usually employed and/or attending school. We require that residents have achieved 90 days of continuous sobriety and have secured a 12-step sponsor. Services include the coordination of 12-step meetings, house meetings, random drug testing for accountability, alumni activities, and outpatient treatment services as needed.

Why Sober Living?

Sober Living provides personal freedom while allowing occupants to carry on normal tasks and interactions in their daily lives. Based on resident needs, sober living facilities can enforce rules that must be adhered to in order to stay. For example, clients have a curfew and must regularly attend meetings.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of sober living homes is the ability to form and maintain long-lasting friendships—bonds that wouldn’t normally be made with people from the “outside world.” In addiction recovery houses, residents interact with people who understand and sympathize with their struggle to abstain from drugs and/or alcohol. It’s not uncommon for people in recovery to feel isolated in their need to use. Even with the desire to change, overwhelming cravings and subsequent feelings of disappointment can take over. Sober Living exists to lessen that burden.

CLARE Foundation

For more information or to speak with a CLARE Foundation professional, potential clients are urged to call 310-314-6200. Representatives will make it as easy as possible to get started and verify insurance information in order to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition, clients can complete our online form and a staff member will assist as soon as possible.

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